Understand your Startup

Youth today, makes a common mistake and i.e. jumping into the startup race. Before taking any such step, one has to understand the real potential of the startup and what is the unique selling proposition (USP) it will bring on the table for the consumer.¬†Unfortunately we don’t realize the actual reason or potential of having that startup ¬†and trust me if we are able to realize it the startup will be a success.

It has become a trend today to have a startup. Being a startup is a very big responsibility and this responsibility is not towards anyone else but to one own-self.

Innovation has always been one of the key reasons of success of any venture but looking at the various presentations and startup pitches, there is no touch of any innovation and mostly the startup idea is copied from some part of the world and implemented in other part of the world.

Recently, I attended one very nicely organized startup event in New Delhi where 10 startups were given 5 minutes each to speak and present their concept of startup. I could hear voices of all but life was visibly audible only in two pitches.